Dr Marie-Pascale L.-Robert, DVM

Born and raised in St-André-Avellin in La Petite Nation, Dr Robert spent her childhood dreaming about caring for animals. At 3 years of age, she was already telling her mom that she would become a doctor for animals! After graduating from the University of Montreal’s Veterinary Medicine Faculty in 2009, she moved to Aylmer and met Dr Michaud, who invited her to join the Eardley Veterinary Hospital team. Seven years later, she joined forces with Dr Rompré to become the business’ co-owner and succeed Dr Michaud in her work. Although passionate about her job in general, Dr Robert has a special interest in surgery and dentistry. She likes developing trusting relationships with her clients and 4-legged patients alike, and always aims to treat every animal as her own. During her free time, she enjoys spending family time with her two kids, her dog, and two cats, or replenish her energy by doing her favourite activities: traveling abroad, kitesurfing, dancing salsa and playing volleyball.

Dr Mélina D.-Rompré, DVM

Dr Rompré graduated from the Veterinary Medicine Faculty in 2009. She practiced several years in Gatineau before joining the Eardley Veterinary Hospital in 2015. Dr Rompré particularly likes preventative medicine, as she gets the opportunity to discuss with owners and help them keep their pets in good health. She also enjoys internal medicine and practices general surgeries. Since April 2016, Dr Rompré has been the lucky co-owner of the Eardley Veterinary Clinic with Dr Robert. Together, they work hard to keep offering quality services to their patients as well as a positive work environment for their staff team. In her free time, Dr Rompré enjoys running. Her senior Standard Poodle Wilson was even for a long time her companion during the short distance races.

Dr Annie Tourangeau, DVM

Dr Tourangeau obtained her diploma from the Veterinary Medicine Faculty in June 2007. Since her graduation, she has been part of the Eardley Veterinary Clinic’s team! She is currently offering us her services part time and feels blessed to have such a great job. She believes strongly in continuing education and devotes herself to expanding her knowledge on the many aspects of her work. She is careful to offer a personalized and empathetic service to her clients. On top of being a fulfilled mom, her “animal” family at home is made of two Labrador Retrievers who bring daily challenges and learning opportunities. Kuiper, an excellent retriever bursting with energy, enjoys participating in duck hunts and Boston, calmer and more anxious, likes to put his nose everywhere. During her free time, she loves any outdoor activity, regardless of the weather, and focuses on all moments spent with family and friends.

Dr Éliane Leroux, DVM

Description to come…

Dr Sophie Lande-Verdier, DVM

Originally from the Basque Country, Dr Lande-Verdier graduated from the Liège University in Belgium in 2009. She practiced veterinary medicine in the South-West region of France for 4 years before passing an equivalency assessment to come live in Canada with her partner in 2013.  After practicing in the Outaouais region for 5 years, she finally joined the Eardley Veterinary Clinic team in March 2019. Dr Lande-Verdier has a particular interest in medical imagery and tries to maintain a close trusting relationship with her patients and their owners.  Listening to her clients and ensuring the well-being of her patients are priorities for her. When she is not working, she enjoys the outdoors with her two sons, her dog Tim and sometimes even her cat Uzki.  She also likes to host friends and share a nice meal or a good drink. 

Francine Bélisle, Veterinary Technician

Since the opening of the clinic, Francine has devoted herself to her work. She enjoys multi-tasking, be it assisting the veterinarians in surgery, welcoming the patients in consultation or servicing the clients at the reception; there she can also put to good use her many years of experience to recognize and welcome the clinic’s regular clients. When she isn’t working, she is contributing in the many chores on her family farm where she takes care of cattle and all the pets she keeps welcoming there; horses, rabbits, chickens, cats and dogs. Francine is not the kind of person to spend much time resting, and takes great joy in working on her farm with her partner and two kids.

Claudia Houde, Veterinary Technician

Claudia completed her training in Animal Health Technology in 2008 at Saint-Hyacinthe Cégep. She joined our team once her studies were completed and has been expanding her knowledge ever since. She has a particular interest in assisting the veterinarians in surgery and all the more technical aspects of her work. Her great sense of organization is felt throughout our daily workspace and we would have great difficulty doing without her famous label printer! Off work, she enjoys horseback riding and going hiking with her family and her big dog Patate.

France Nadeau, Veterinary Technician

Passionate about animals and nature, France hardly ever holds still. Since graduating from Alfred College in 2013, we have been lucky to have her as part of our team and she is constantly perfecting her skills to better care for the clinic’s patients. She particularly likes surgeries, as well as assisting the veterinarians in all the daily life situations. Additionally, she spends most of her free time on her farm caring for her many animals or enjoying the outdoors with her dog Max and her horse Étoile.

Catherine Labranche, Veterinary Technician

Graduated from the Animal Health Technology program at Cégep de Sherbrooke in 2011, Catherine has been with us since 2015. She always dreamt of working with animals, kitties, doggies and reptiles alike, and her passion for them is felt every day! She has a particular interest in animal nutrition, and it is through continued education that she strives to expand her knowledge. In her free times, Catherine drives a modified, high wheeled Corvette in mud competitions. There is nothing she loves more than her furry 4 legged companions, her one eyed cat Nucly and miss Nova.

Shelsey Cartier, Veterinary Technician

Sherbrooke native Shelsey went to Saint-Hyacinthe to study Animal Health Technology. After doing internships in various regions of Quebec and even in France, she graduated in 2013 and has been working in veterinary clinics since and joined our team in 2015, where she particularly likes assisting the veterinarians during consultations and providing care to the patients. Passionate about animal behaviour, she has also joined the team of the Academy for Dog Trainers as a student, in order to become a professional dog trainer. In her free time, her dog Sycamore is trained in agility, tricks for fun and fitness, as well as service dog work. She also enjoys spending time in the woods, studying animal biology and relaxing with her cat Cheesecake!

Kathleen Carrier, Certified Veterinary Technician

Daughter of farmers, it was after years of working as a cook in restaurants that Kathleen decided to return to school, and in 2016, she graduated from the Cégep de Sherbrooke as an Animal Health Technician. In the same year she also became a certified technician.  Kathleen is a passionate woman who enjoys learning and for whom team work is essential. She defines herself as a “crazy cat lady”, and in addition to her infinite love this feline, she also loves the contact with exotic animals such as rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs.  With her three “problematic” cats, she is well qualified to understand the concerns sometimes associated with a new treatment. She will listen to you and take the time to help you out!

Jessica Throp, Receptionist

Jessica was born in Aylmer, where she still resides today. Surrounded with animals since early childhood, she has always had great love and respect for them, which inspired her to seek a position in the veterinary field. She joined the clinic’s team in 2010 as a receptionist and her contagious good mood and high efficacy have been greatly appreciated by both clients and colleagues. Obviously she loves animals, but she particularly likes interactions with clients. She is always happy to see new faces and get to know their four legged companions. When off work, she spends as much time as possible with her family and enjoys lots of outdoor activities. She is passionate about physical activities; especially running and cycling.


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