Spaying and Neutering

It is the most frequent type of surgery performed by our veterinarians, and since the pet overpopulation issues are a great concern to us, it is our pleasure to collaborate with local organizations that help spay and neuter the homeless pets in our area.

General Surgery

Experienced veterinarians can do most of the general surgeries:

  • Urinary tract surgery (cystotomy, urethrotomy)
  • C-section
  • Eyelid anomalies (entropion, masses, etc.)
  • Digestive system surgery (enterotomy, enterectomy, gastrotomy)
  • Explorative laparotomy
  • Mass excision
  • Amputation
  • Enucleation
  • Reproductive system surgery (pyometra, chronic vaginal prolapse)
  • Wound suture
  • Stenotic nare correction
  • Dental and mouth surgery

Specialized Surgery

When your animal requires a more specialized surgery such as orthopedic issues (anterior cruciate ligament tear, patella luxation, etc…), we fortunately have a specialist surgeon with many years of experience under their belt who is able to come to our clinic at our request, to perform these procedures. You can thus remain under the care of our familiar team, but with the added experience and equipment of a surgeon such as one you would find at a referral center.