Founded by Dr Michaud in 1992, the Eardley Veterinary Clinic has always been considered an enjoyable workplace where clients are well received.

With only one technician and one receptionist to assist her, Dr Michaud has sailed the ship as a lone veterinarian for many years. As time went by, demands for animal care increased and the team has since grown to include five veterinarians, six technicians and one receptionist.

In 2016, after almost 7 years of service, Dr Robert decided to join forces with her classmateDr Rompré to take charge of the company. It is with joy and pride that Dr Michaud entrustedthem with what she had built on her own in order to preservethe family spirit.

It is with great values such as honesty, transparency, community involvement and great care for the happiness of their employees that the two new owners wish to make the clinic grow and become a choice establishment for both the clients and the veterinarians/technicians of the region.

Today, it is a youth and experience abundant team greeting you. Our mission is to provide the best possible care to your companions by establishing good trusting relationships and putting our passion at your service. Our wish is to attain a well-being and quality of life for all: the client, the patient and the clinic’s team.

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